Student of the Month

The following students have been selected as our Students of the Month.


Grade 6

Claire Sandstrom

Photo of Claire Sandstrom

Grade 7

Rebecca Hayes

Photo of Rebecca Hayes

Grade 8

William C. Hanley

Photo of William C. Hanley



Grade 6

Aiden Griffiths

Photo of Aiden Griffiths

Grade 7

Anthony Sciallo

Photo of Anthony Scallio

Grade 8

Hailey Hassos

Photo of Hailey Hassos



Grade 6

Marisole Dalglish

Photo of Marisole Dalglish

Grade 7

Ethan Morgan

Photo of Ethan Morgan

Grade 8

Anthony Wheeler

Photo of Anthony Wheeler



Grade 6

Elijah Clancy

Photo of Elijah Clancy

Grade 7

Nathan Pinckney

Photo of Nathan Pinckney

Grade 8

Emma Eichenhofer

Photo of Emma Eichenhofer


Grade 6

Lia Bush

Photo of Lia Bush

Grade 7

Madisyn Richter

Photo of Madisyn Richter

Grade 8

Cameron Miles

Photo of Cameron Miles